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 Rodent Control Services 

Here's how our program works:

     Mice and rats carry several diseases and have been associated with starting the Black Plaque in Europe. Their feces have been known to cause many pulmonary diseases including Hantavirus. If you see rodent activity or droppings, act immediately. With over 4,000 patents for mouse traps, it can become confusing on how to rid your home of these creatures. Ecology Pest Control has more than 30 years of experience eliminating rodents and can offer several options for rodent control. Don't want poison in your house? That's no problem. Non poison measures can be taken to rid your home of rodents. Long term relief comes from a thorough inspection aimed at identifying access and entry points. Treatment options include the following:

-Rodent exclusion services available. This involves a thorough inspection aimed at identifying access points. Once entry points have been identified, physical modifications including sealing, caulking, installing wire mesh or adding door sweeps to prevent entry under exterior doors can be performed.


-Rodent trapping without the use of poison. We utilize several types of traps including T Rex snap traps, wooden snap traps, and multiple catch live traps.


-Poison bait placement. Bait is placed in tamper resistant boxes, keeping children, pets and non target species from obtaining a dose of this poison. Poison baiting locations may be in the interior, the exterior or the basement/crawlspace of your home or business.

If pests return at any time, we will come back at NO CHARGE to eliminate the problem. Our services are effective, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Service Options and Pricing:


Starting at:
One Time Service
One time services include a follow-up visit within 1-2 weeks. All of our one time services come with a 30 day warranty.
A recurring service plan is recommended. Click to learn more about our recurring programs.

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