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Here's how our program works:

     German Roaches infest both residential and commercial kitchens. These roaches spread several diseases-Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, Streptococcus (pneumonia),  several helminths (hookworm, pinworms, tapeworms), and even viruses (poliomyelitis). If this hasn't convinced you they are bad to live with, cockroaches also produce a powerful allergen that can aggravate those with allergies and asthma. These pests reproduce at such a rate that populations can quickly become uncontrollable for an untrained person. Your Ecology Professional will create a safe and effective treatment plan designed to kill your pests while protecting your environment. Don't expose your family to do it yourself solutions that expose you to unneeded and ineffective amounts of poison. Ecology Pest Control utilizes several weapons in our war on German Roaches. Whether you live in a single family home or multi apartment dwelling, we have a solution that works! Some methods used in treatment include:

-Vacuuming to remove large populations of roaches. This provides immediate relief by reducing populations without use of pesticides. Vacuuming and baiting is a great low impact alternative for those not wanting the use of sprays.


-Non-repellent crack and crevice treatments that may be combined with roach baits, doubling the effectiveness of the service.

-Traditional "clean out" services.


-Monitoring and physical trapping. 

If pests return at any time, we will come back at NO CHARGE to eliminate the problem. Our services are effective, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Service Options and Pricing:

Starting at:


Three service bundle
Initial service and 2 follow-up appointments included. All of our one time services come with a 30 day warranty.

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