Termite Baiting System

Termite Control Services

      Termite baiting systems have gained interest over the past few years due to their low start up cost and lower impact on the environment. The baiting system consist of termite monitors that are placed in the ground around the exterior of the structure at intervals of 8-20 feet. These termite monitors contain a cellulose product designed to attract termites to the system. These monitors are checked on a regular basis until termite activity is found in the monitor.


     Once activity is established in the monitor, a poison cartridge is added to the monitor. Don't worry the monitors have locking, tamper resistant caps to keep your children and pets safe. The termites begin to ingest the poison and share it among the other members of the colony. This process eventually ends with elimination of the termite colony. When the colony is eliminated, an inspection cartridge is placed in the monitor and the process begins over again.


     The monitor system requires no drilling of the homes foundation. The monitor system should also be thought of as a long term program and is only a termite suppression system. Once the monitor system is gone, your structure is susceptible to termites again.


If pests return at any time, we will come back at NO CHARGE to eliminate the problem. Our services are effective, affordable and environmentally responsible.

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Includes one year of station maintenance.

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