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Tips and How To Pest Control Services

Flea Treatment Preparation

Please ensure to follow these steps when preparing your home for a flea treatment.

1. All items including toys, pet food and water, and clothing should be picked up off of the floors and carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed.

2. Upholstered furniture (couches and chairs) should be clear of all debris.

3. Items that are stored underneath beds should be removed and these areas should be vacuumed as well.

4. All items including toys, pet food and water should be removed from the yard. It is recommended that the yard is cut and cleared of clippings before we arrive.

All people and pets will be required to leave and should not return for 2-3 hours. Upon returning, we recommend keeping young children off of the floor for 24 hours. It is also a good practice to cover your furniture with a sheet for the first 24 hours, especially if you are sensitive about pesticide exposure. After treatment has concluded, please follow these steps.

1. The next day (wait 24 hours) please rigorously vacuum all floor surfaces throughout the house.

2. You should continue to vacuum everyday for 10-14 days.

3. If you continue to have flea activity after 2 weeks, please call for a follow up service.

Roaches refuse to pay rent

I bought a rental property near my residence to clean up the area. After removing the non-paying tenants, I discovered scores of cockroaches in the kitchen--in the sunny daylight! Many live and dead roaches were in the refrigerator and freezer. The roaches were active in the bathroom and living room too. I had heard that Ecology Pest Control services a number of health facilities in the Wabash Valley, as well as residences, so I gave them a call. They came right away, eliminated almost all visible roach activity with the first treatment, and eliminated the problem completely with two follow-up visits in the next 21 days. And I never smelled a chemical. I'd recommend Ecology Pest Control to a business or a homeowner.

Thomas M. Princeton
Short and sweet

Excellent service. Great to do business with.

Darla S. Terre Haute