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Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control

Health Care Facilities-Ecology Pest Control specializes in health care facility pest management services. Using Integrated Pest Management principles, the technicians at Ecology Pest Control have the solution for pests that commonly invade these facilities. When patient safety is the main priority, trust the experts at Ecology. Our approach minimizes pesticide use and exposure. Ecology Pest Control has extensive knowledge with real world experience solving pest problems in health care facilities. We are the trusted partner of hospitals, Doctor's offices, assisted living facilities, Dentist and Chiropractor offices, surgical buildings and medical buildings across the state.

Restaurants and Bars-When you own a restaurant or bar, having pest control services is just as important as being able to turn on the lights. With shipments of produce, sometimes daily, insects have the ability to enter your place of business. Ecology Pest Control has the solution to all your pest needs.

Schools and Day Cares-As a school or day care facility, you are responsible for the safety and health of the children that attend. Ecology Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to safely apply pesticides (when needed). Ecology Pest Control can offer a flexible schedule, allowing us to treat the property when no students are present.

Hotels and Office Buildings-With several people entering and exiting your building daily, pest have ample opportunity to invade. Several pests have been known to travel on a person or his/her belongings. Protect your hotel or office building with Ecology Pest Control. Our technicians are extensively trained in the control and behaviors of your most common invaders. Bed bug activity is on the rise in hotels and also in office buildings. These parasites could ruin your image and business reputation. Trust the best, Ecology Pest Control.

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