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Commercial Pest Control Services

Our Technology

     Ecology Pest Control utilizes emerging technology and the latest industry software to record all of the service data collected at your property. Our technicians use handheld devices to record several key items such as service date and time, detailed pest activity, pesticide application data, conducive conditions noted and inspection findings. All findings will be recorded in a concise, but in depth report that can be printed and/or emailed to all necesary management or administrative personel immediately after your service is performed.

     Inspection reports and findings are databased and are available online through our customer portal. Information such as pest activity, material usage and past service dates is easily accessed through your computer. The reduction of paper is ideal for clients concerned with the environment or seeking LEED certification. This is also important to have for those who are too busy to thumb through a pile of papers for company reports and conveys to any auditor or potential client of yours that quality pest management is important to you. 


Protected from termites

We had our house protected against termite infestation. We did not have termites in the house or under it in the crawl space, but some in the area have had problems. We asked two companies to inspect and give us a price for the current protection and annual maintenance and Ecology was the less costly and did the best inspection. They are a good company with honest, knowledgeable, and friendly people.

Donald P. West Terre Haute
Roaches refuse to pay rent

I bought a rental property near my residence to clean up the area. After removing the non-paying tenants, I discovered scores of cockroaches in the kitchen--in the sunny daylight! Many live and dead roaches were in the refrigerator and freezer. The roaches were active in the bathroom and living room too. I had heard that Ecology Pest Control services a number of health facilities in the Wabash Valley, as well as residences, so I gave them a call. They came right away, eliminated almost all visible roach activity with the first treatment, and eliminated the problem completely with two follow-up visits in the next 21 days. And I never smelled a chemical. I'd recommend Ecology Pest Control to a business or a homeowner.

Thomas M. Princeton