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Canine Bed Bug Detection


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 Meet Baxter, our a certified bed bug detection canine. Baxter is a beagle mix and is very accurate and talented at his craft. Baxter has inspected hundreds of residences, hotels, offices, dormitories and healthcare facilities. With the increased focus on green pest management and Integrated Pest Management, bed bug detection dogs are gaining popularity in North America. Dogs are a safer alternative to pesticide use as a management strategy. If operators can find out exactly where bed bugs are located, they can minimize the area that needs to be sprayed. Dogs smell in parts per trillion, something a human cannot do, and detect bed bugs through all life cycle phases from eggs to nymphs to adults.

 Bed bug detection dogs are a viable and scientifically-proven alternative to traditional methods of pest detection. A 2008 report by the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology endorsed bed bug detection dogs by stating that the “reliability of the dogs has been impressive provided they are properly trained". Scientists at the university reviewed studies on the dogs and concluded that canine detection dogs were promising.


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Canine BedBug Detection

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Protected from termites

We had our house protected against termite infestation. We did not have termites in the house or under it in the crawl space, but some in the area have had problems. We asked two companies to inspect and give us a price for the current protection and annual maintenance and Ecology was the less costly and did the best inspection. They are a good company with honest, knowledgeable, and friendly people.

Donald P. West Terre Haute
No disappointment here

Exceptional service with economical pricing. Haven't ever been disappointed in the company or their technicians.

Karen B. Brazil